Important FAQ for customer service

Frequently asked questions from all our past users here at first meta bank

1. What if I have another question?

Feel free to leave a support message through our live chat and also contact us through Contact Page or Call us via +44 483778219

2.Can I print my Statement of account?

Yes. You can print your statement of account by clicking on ‘Export to Excel’ or ‘Export to PDF’ button. This downloads your statement of account in excel or PDF format which you can save or print.

3.How do I get my login details?

When the completed enrolment form is processed, an automated message containing your initial/default login password (without the username which is known to you already) is sent to your registered mobile number. You will be asked to change the initial login password when you log in for the first time.You choose your own login name during registration.

4.What if i forgot my pin/password

Security matters password and pins can't be reset ordinarily, but you can email support at

5.What are the acceptable means of Identification?

Drivers License

National Identity Card


6.Who's First Meta Bank Valid For

First Meta Bank with an approach of meeting the high demands of the increasing economical rate, we made it accessible for all above 18years in respective of your location and work

7.How often can I transfer funds?

Funds could be transffered at any time and any day

8.Can i scheduled future transfers

Yes Future Transfers can be scheduled on first meta bank

9.How do i recieve OTP?

Otp will be sent to you via email and text messaging, so always input the right and correct email and phone number you are using

10.What types of transactions can I perform on FirstMetaBank?

Check Balance

• Generation your bank statements

• Perform own bank and third-party transfers

• Perform international transfers

• Review your transaction history

• Pay your bills

• Schedule standing orders