Move money for worldwide your startup business

At First Meta Bank, we believe that the beauty of life lies in the little things that give us a better expression of ourselves, make us more social and connect emotionally.

with us you can easily tranfer and receiver money from worldwide at your comfort were ever you are,We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with banking services and look forward to helping you reach your financial goals.

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First Meta Bank core feature

Open a first meta Bank account with full KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements and gain access to the world of convenience that comes with owning a Bank account.

Fraud detection

Fraud detection is a set of activities undertaken to prevent money or property from being obtained through false pretenses.

Support manager

We always assign a manager to guilde you while you bank with us and are always active to support you, your account manager can be gotten any time

Account updater

Our system are set to automatic updates, to keep users and client up to day with our online banking system, Account are always updated

Payment invoice

Payment invoices are always generated whenever a transaction is being carried out successfully in order to keep tracks of payments

Payments types

We accept different payment types that can suit and comfort you in first meta bank system

Simple Withdrawal

we made it simple and cool for all users to make withdrawal and purchase with their accoun